letter to Jo 03

Today Story : Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue is a non-profit organization in Austrilia.The whole thing starts on my effort to expressing my issues more elegantly. I goggled how to describe the problem which people always blame themselves if anything went wrong.Then I noticed a small post on a forum called Beyond Blue.

The author of the post said she is a 17 years old girl who struggled with self acceptance problem ceaselessly. Recently something is bothering her. One of her friends invited her to go for a drink. She was afraid of alcohol since she is undergrad. She also felt guilty if she let her friend down. She wrote this thing out and asks for help in forums.

One of the gentleman or lady, replied she quite properly. He/she didn’t make a judgement about what is right or wrong about her and her friend. He/she suggested that the girl could just try to write things down and list the pros and cons.

The girl adopted the suggestion and became to realize that she was undergrad and diabetic. Therefore it is obviously reasonable to decline her friend. And Real friends should not pressure her to make her uncomfortable. The gentleman or lady also told her that alcoholism is the main issue of mental health and he/she had been involved too.

I was warmed up by this conversation although it happened early in 2014.Three things fresh my mind up,

  • the kindly gentleman or lady try to teach the girl to think by herself instead of burst out some ignorant judgements
  • the little girl’s willingness to seek for suggestions
  • the fresh design style of forum

Wish for My Own Self : Experienced Enough to Settle Down

As another guy wrote in the forum, “We are always seeking places where we feel settled and joyful. Before that, we need to make many mistakes and learn the hard way. Till one day, we can make fewer mistakes and experienced enough.”

I should collect these valuable piece of memory instead of focus on my loss and sadness. And maybe one day I can go beyond my blue too. Hope you have a good day!